4 More Habits That Successful Sales People Possess

1. Are the Candidates Active or Passive Listeners?

When specialists in sales recruitment are evaluating potential hires, they measure whether the sales person is mentally and physically present when talking to prospects. This means that they look at whether the sales person is distracted, thinking about one of the previous or next deals.

On the job, it makes all the difference when the sales person is focused and not spending time on their smartphones or social media. When they are thinking about the client and the conversation that they're having at the moment, the conversation becomes very meaningful and engaging.

That said, active listening can be difficult to master but many successful sales people know how to do it. It shows that the salesperson specialises in sales and is creating value for the client.

It also shows that the sales person is client oriented, and will do their best to position your product in the minds of the consumer, in the best possible light. You'll get better relationships from your clients with their help as well!

2. Do They Keep a Track on Follow Up Times?

Following up is a crucial skill, which specialists in sales recruitment look for in a potential hire for their clients.

Top salespeople will know when it's the right time to follow up with the customers. The top sales recruitment consultants, have the best sales people on their books who will follow up with clients proficiently and at the right time. They look for responsiveness and motivation in the potential sales hire for their client.

3. Are They Hard Workers?

This is pretty much a requirement and is a given if you're using the help of top sales people for your business. Top sales people, however, go the extra mile. Even if it's 5 pm on the last day of the month and there is a weekend ahead, they will still send those emails and schedule meetings that help them lay a basis for the next month.

This is a trait that specialists in sales recruitment look for in a potential sales hire. They want to see sales people who are highly motivated and will go the extra mile, even after they've met targets for that month or quarter.

4. Do They Actively Search for Easy Strategies that Work?

The time that is spent experimenting with tact and strategies, is time lost making a sale. This is why efficient sales people will search for strategies that will help them advance through the sales pipeline quickly. They'll use strategies that keep working and only look for new ones when it doesn't work, consistently.

It's not being lazy; it's called being smart. You want smart sales people for your business.

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