Choosing Your First Sales Person? Here’s Some Help

Let's start with a somewhat gloomy statistic. Many small businesses fail in the first 5 years of trading. The accounting function or the product or services themselves are not to blame for this. But the number of sales plays a significant role in it. This is one of the main reasons that the first sales position needs to be filled by a very competent and experienced individual.

You're Assigning Responsibility to the First Sales Person

You need to understand that the first sales recruitment process you go through, is crucial for your own business. You need to find the competent and experienced individual who can carry out the position. You need to have an experienced sales person for your first sales role, as they will be representing your start-up or existing company. If their selling skills are not fully developed and they don't know enough about your company, from a proper briefing and training session, you may risk your entire business 'reputation.

It's Not All Gloom and Doom

Hiring your first sales position doesn't have to be all gloom and doom, however. It can be a challenge but you have to be up for it. Look with where you start for hiring. Develop a clear and concise job description or, better still, have a sales recruitment agency help you out. They have the expertise that you need for your business and will help you find the appropriate match, streamlining the sales recruitment process.

Be in the Shoes of Your Customer to Find Which Sales Person is Best

When you're in the market for your first sales hire, you should start by analysing potential customers. What type of person and experience would they like to deal with. What motivates them to go with one supplier over another. Take mental and physical notes and come up with a great job description. That's part of your research.

This part of the research may happen when you're finding out about your customers and how your products will provide them with solutions to their problems. There might be other products in the market that are doing well and other sales people, who are doing an even better job of selling and marketing those products.

A good way to scout for sales people for your first sales position is to become the customer and have them sell to you. Compliment them when you see that they do well. A little bit of recognition goes a long way for a salesperson's motivations.

Offer them your card inconspicuously in the time it takes you to make your transaction. Tell them you're looking for a salesperson and that they seem like a nice fit. Close by requesting them to call you when you they have the time. It's even better if you exchange business cards as though you are a customer.

Ask Around for the Best Sales People

Another approach is to tell your customers that you are looking for a sales person for your business. If they are in sync with your product, they may even give you some good recommendations.

You can always approach a sales recruitment agency to help find a qualified and experienced professional who would be perfect for the sales job.

If you would like us at SevenSteps, The Sales Recruiter, to help you with finding the right sales candidate who helps you capitalise on sales opportunities, just let us know.

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