Is it Okay to Use Humour in Sales?

Who doesn't love a good joke?

But that joke may backfire when you have to sell a product/service(or yourself). But let's go further back. Let's start with first impressions.In sales, all of us are trying to make that impressive first impact on prospects. You only have one chance to secure that prospect. One false move, and you're out.

It is said that it is the first 10 seconds that decide whether you get the prospect's attention about your product or not. These are the most critical seconds that you have that can make or break a potential customer. But the work isn't done if you've managed to pull this off.

Representing your Company

After you get the prospect's attention, you have theimmediate responsibility to show your company's product or proposed solution in the best light possible. It's just the first step though as your eagerness and possible humour were the things that allowed you to effectively address their needs. You then take the opportunity to propose the product as a solution to the prospect's problem. Humour will work wonderfully if used correctly to highlight the problem at hand or how the solution you are offering will be suitable.

Once you qualified the lead, you just have to wait for the follow up, and finalize when your lead has time. You're practically in the money. Or are you?

It's Not Over Yet

Let's exemplify.

Don't get ahead of yourself with the partying and celebration. Patrick, your lead, knows that you're representing your company.Your next call is crucial in the way that you carry yourself around a potential client. It will make all the difference between a good and a great deal.

As a sales person you want to show that you're interested in creating a mutually fruitful relationship so you give Patrick your card which has a link to your profile. This is pretty standard, considering that you have to network with him and perhaps find other potential leads through his connections.

Every One Needs Distractions, even Sales People

If you're falling short on your goals for that particular quarter, it's quite natural for you to want to distract yourself so you're not crippled by the stress. Company policies around the world block social media sites like Facebook for obvious reasons.

You only have LinkedIn as your last and final salvation. You find sales memes that depict everyday scenarios and you decide to share them.Bad move!

The lead you had just qualified was really impressed by your pitch and decides to connect with you on LinkedIn just when you shared a couple of the memes you found interesting. Instead of seeing what they expected: a stand-up individual who shares interesting information about their field and really believes in it, they find those memes as your recent activity on Linkedin.

All is Lost

There goes your impression. You may have lost this potential lead and perhaps others that fall in their circle. Their perception of you will change drastically. They disregard your words and go with your actions which represent you as someone who sees them as a few extra pounds on their cheque and not someone interested in building a fruitful relationship.

So, it is best to keep your professional and personal life separate, and while it doesn't hurt to make a good joke, but be careful when and where you share that joke.

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