Tough Sales Interview Questions and Answering Them Correctly

An interview can be unnerving at times, but it is also the best chance you have as a potential candidate, to impress the interviewer enough to hire you for the job. Some of the interview questions can be difficult, however, even though they do not seem that way. Don't let your guard down, keep it up and you'll make it past this hurdle as well.

Coming up with the expected (right) answers for difficult questions on the spot, is both an art and a challenge. Your interviewers typically ask tricky questions for challenging positions such as sales, because they want to test you and see if you are the right fit for the job.

Take some time to refresh yourself by knowing how to answer the following top difficult questions that are asked by interviewers.

Why did You Decide to Leave Your Last Job?

This is one of the trickier sales interview questions. That's because you have left or are thinking about leaving your current job, either because you don't like the workplace culture, environment, pay or simply because it was not the right fit for you. Your emotions and nerves may get in the way of a successful interview.

If you mention all of this (only this, especially,) then it would certainly not give a good impression about the kind of person you are, to the recruiter. You need to proceed very carefully and start with a mention of the positive aspect(s) of your last job. The learning experience may have been good, or it may have been your fellow co-workers.

Follow this up with a focus of what you're looking to get out of the job you are giving the interview for. It will give a good past experience and show your interests in the position you applied for.

What's Your Ultimate Weakness?

The recruiter wants to see how well you can turn negatives into positives through this question. It's important to be very specific to your personality when answering this question.

Think of something you really have trouble with. Maybe you feel pressured too much under overlapping deadlines. Maybe you get distracted easily while doing too many things at once. Follow it up with what you do to overcome your weaknesses and turn it into a strength for yourself.

Why Choose Sales?

You can mess up your chances pretty easily if you don't pay attention to what's required from this question. Don't give the interviewer some made up answer that the interviewer would have guessed about you on their own. Typical wrong answers include things along the line of "it pays well" or "I Like it."

You have to dig deep on this one and mention something that you really like about sales. It may have been your first experience with the job or it may have had its roots in a childhood experience.

You can successfully accentuate your answer with a personal success story and reasons to why you would still like to work in sales. This would help give the recruiterr something to remember you by.

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