What Does It Take to Attract Talent in Sales?

Ruthlessness and ambition are not the same. Creating the most efficient processes for your company and motivating your employees to perform at their best is part of ambition. But doing this at the expense of your employees will constitute the former. In order to make your company successful, you will need to be ambitious and get the most talented sales team you can get, but remember to keep that team healthy and productive.

You'll always have competition in attracting top sales talent as there are others with similar and often better offerings. Needless to say, it can be difficult at times to get these talented folks on your team. But there are some things that you can do to position yourself as the better company.

Provide a Superior Work Environment

It takes a lot more than a good salary to get top talent onboard. Of course it matters, but what matters equally, if not more is the work environment of your company. A professional will only work with a company if they have a collaborative culture that supports their personal goals, offers them the right kind of incentives that go further than their financial compensation. They also want a job that is truly enjoyable and helps them grow.

Many talented salesmen look for greater work-life balance,an ability to make their own decisions (a little something called autonomy) and a flexible schedule when they are deciding whether to join a sales company or not.

When your company is able to give their prospective hires this kind of environment, you'll find it likely that top sales talent chooses you instead of others.

Your sales team employees do network with other people in the same field (sales) and discuss how their company treats them and what they get from the company. If you want to score higher in your employees' books, you must give them the right environment.

Employer surveys on job search websites also serve the same purpose. Do well here and you're likely to get the talented individuals you're after.

Actively Scout for Talent in Your Professional Networks

When you're in sales, you eat, sleep, breathe, think and live it. Networking is perhaps the most crucial part of the process. Nurturing your clients and developing them is just one part of the job. The other part has to do with your professional network. You're likely to have hidden gems being eroded at their current sales positions at other companies. Tap into it to seek out representatives that are frustrated with their current scenario and offer them something better.

A sales representative's most pressing concerns include a lack of faith in them from their current supervisor. When the sales rep is not actively being led by their supervisor, the sales rep feels alienated and detached from their job, which has a severe impact on their performance.

Industry networking events have the greatest value when you make use of them for getting potential talents. Reach out to your contacts and identify the talented individuals who are unhappy.

Reach out to them and empathize with their situation and then do what you do best. Pitch yourself and your company as the better alternative. If they are interested, they will be proactive about joining your team. Just be sure not to make the same mistake that their previous employer made.

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